Welcome to the wiki Mathematical methods!

This wiki covers the lecture in mathematical methods. There are two main components to this wiki, as you can see in the sidebar on the left:
  • "Skript": This is the script we maintain. It covers only the lecture, not the tutorials! Feel free to use it, and please correct any mistakes you find - or, if you are unclear whether the wiki is correct in some aspects, mark them accordingly.
  • "Schedule": This pages serves for coordination purposes. It consists of a table where everyone can sign in for the lectures he or she is willing to attend and to update the wiki accordingly.
Some comments about the script:
  • please separate the lectures with horizontal rules (there is a button for that in the editing bar)
  • whereever nececssary, please also insert graphics that are part of the script. (as you can see, most of the time crude ppt graphs, exported as image, do the job.
  • For formulas: Luckily, wikipaces supports LaTex. There is a comment on that at the beginning of the script.
have fun! :)

UPDATE: this wiki covers pretty much every course you want it to cover, provided you are willing to post the elcture notes. In order to adda course, please create one page for the lecture notes and one page for the schedule.